'Tongue-Tied' Wins Iowa Review Award in Fiction

Absolutely thrilled that my story ‘Tongue-Tied’ has won the 2019 Iowa Review Award in Fiction.

Here are some comments on the story from prize judge Rebecca Makkai: “‘Tongue-Tied’ had me uncomfortably pinned by the end of the first paragraph, and squirming by the end of the first page. I love a story where things happen, and this is a story where things both happen and don’t. A lot changes, and yet a lot is left unsaid, repressed . . . Add to that delicate balance an unusual point of view, two loaded relationships, and a sharp, subtle dose of humor, and I had to pick this story. This one will stay under my skin.”

The story will appear in the Winter 2019/2020 edition of The Iowa Review.

'The Memory of Snails' Wins Harri Jones Memorial Award

So pleased that my poem ‘The Memory of Snails’ has been awarded the 2018 Harri Jones Memorial Award.

The poem was written in response to a news story about artificial memories being implanted into snails. Read all about it.

This award is part of the Newcastle Poetry Prize. The full shortlist and winners can be found here.

‘The Memory of Snails’ appears in the 2018 Newcastle Poetry Prize anthology, ‘Buying Online’. I would be remiss if I failed to point out that it is available to buy………. online.

I’ll see myself out.

'Powerful Owl' Runner-Up in Bristol Short Story Prize

Delighted to learn that my story ‘Powerful Owl’ has been awarded second prize in the 2018 Bristol Short Story Prize.

Here’s how reviewer Eric Karl Anderson (aka Lonesome Reader) described the story (on Twitter): “‘Powerful Owl’…has an exquisite muted tension to it as a young woman turns from prey to predator”.

The story is available in the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology, which can be found here.

'Animus' in ELLE Australia!

Beyond delighted that my short story 'Animus' appears in the February issue of ELLE Australia!

Also I'm just generally thrilled that ELLE is publishing short fiction. As I said to my husband, 'I think this is the first time my work has been available in a supermarket.' 

Please enjoy this staged photograph: 

Did I buy multiple copies? You betcha. #shameless

Did I buy multiple copies? You betcha. #shameless

Reading: Poetry at the House, Canberra

Bonjour everybody!

And particularly those kicking some tyres in Canbox next Wednesday (February 8, 2017).

I'll be reading at Poetry at the House, which (as the name suggests) is held at University House. It's on from 7.30pm. Details can be found here

I'm hoping to read some new poems - topics may include phosphorus necrosis, hippophobia, and something Abraham Lincoln was supposed to have said, but didn't.

Be there and be square. 

Some Fictional News: Nat. Brut and Shibboleth

Last year I had the great good fortune to be selected as a winner of the Nat. Brut flash fiction contest, which was judged by Amy Hempel. The story is called 'The Leopard Next Door' and it can be found here (accompanied by a fairly irresistible image). 

Aaaaand my story 'The Drydown' is included in 'Shibboleth & Other Stories', an anthology recently and handsomely published by Margaret River Press

Meanwhile here I am babbling on to Laurie Steed, editor of said anthology, about some of the wacky stuff I like (medical history, T-Swift, bizarrely cosy British TV). 

Some Things I'll Be At Soonish

Events! Here are the details of some, at which I will be reading from Not Fox Nor Axe:

La Mama Poetica, 16 February 2016 (with Geoff Page, Matt Hetherington and Brigitte Lewis)

The Melbourne Launch for The Best Australian Poems 2015, 18 February 2016 (with many a fine poet)

Sporting Poets, 20 March 2016 (with Pam Brown and Stuart Cooke, 5pm, Charles Weston Hotel, Brunswick)

And next Wednesday, February 10, I will be the resident poet on 3RRR's Multi-Storied

So it looks like I'm finally going to be busting out of the writing attic (literally, my studio is an attic, with roosting pigeons and the whole kit and caboodle). See you soon. 

New Collection: Not Fox Nor Axe

OK, it's possible I've been a little lax re: news. But! I have a new poetry collection, Not Fox Nor Axe, available now from the wonderful Hunter Publishers. 

And, if you're in Melbourne on November 12, I'd like to extend an invitation to the launch:

Just in case you can't make it, you can find the book here

Hope to see you there!